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Supporting People to Live Work & Experience the Pleasures of Life.

Thomas Grady Service Center aims to establish, protect, enforce, and expand the human and civil rights of persons with disabilities through legal, administrative, and community supports. We firmly believe that everyone deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity, regardless of their abilities.

Our organization was established to ensure that everyone can speak out and be heard, to ensure that everyone has equal access to the supports that they need, and to ensure that everyone can live happy, meaningful lives. Our biggest supporters are The ARC of Thomas & Grady Counties United Way.

Services Offered

Thomas Grady Service Center is at the forefront of disability advocacy, removing barriers so that people of all abilities can live the life they envision. Our services include:

As we move forward, the Work Activity Program will support people to be involved in integrated work settings that offer opportunities for competitive employment and fair wages. Prior to Sheltered Work experience, all participants will receive Career Counseling from Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (GVRA), our designated state unit.

Janitorial Services

We are bonded and insured and capable of exceeding your expectations when we provide for your janitorial needs. One of our most prominent contracts is with the United States Federal Courthouse and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, better known as FEMA. This contract covers over 251,214 sq. ft. Our staff possesses an HSPD12 Homeland Security Badge, which signifies they have gone through extensive federal background checks. This ensures we have trustworthy people working around very confidential information and top-level professionals such as yourselves. We also have a very effective Quality Control Plan and by using green chemicals, we strive to reduce environmental impacts that negatively affect our worksite and natural environment.

  • Key Offerings
    • Commercial / Residential Cleaning & Landscaping
    • Floor Maintenance: Stripping, Waxing and Buffing
    • Janitorial Duties: Standard Services such as Waste Diversion, Floor Mats, Restrooms, Recyclables, Elevators, Stairways, Concession/Cafeterias, and Plate Glass. We also provide Above Standard Services such as Pressure Washing, Carpet Stain Removing, and Window Washing.
  • Our Customers
    Thomas Grady Service Center continues to give the best cost pricing by utilizing ISSA 540 cleaning standards. This initiative prompts us to be efficient and effective in our cleaning practices. The end results are savings for our customers. The companies that we currently provide janitorial services for are Southwestern State Hospital, American Works, GSA/FEMA, City of Coolidge, and The Meeting Place.

At Thomas Grady Service Center, we recognize the innate abilities, needs, and rights of people with disabilities. We work toward their full integration into their communities and we strive to serve as an agent of positive social change.

Join Us!

You can join the Thomas Grady Service Center by giving:

  • TIME
    • Provide Job Opportunities
    • Provide Volunteer Opportunities
    • Referring Agent to Future Employment
    • Share your Talents and Gifts (music, art, dance, drama, poetry, fashion, photography)
    • Share your Knowledge and Skills (clerical, job seeking, communications, technology, multicultural sensitivity, problem-solving, motivational, life skills)
    • Vehicles to transport people into the community
    • Repairs and Maintenance
    • Training Materials (Therapeutic and Vocational)
    • Staff Training
    • Household items to set up for community living
    • Occasional supports to help with utility bills, clothing, and food
    • Community integration (join community clubs and organizations, participate in recreational activities)
    • Incentives for staff retention

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about our programs and services, contact us at 229-225-4065.

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Our Mission Statement

Thomas Grady Service Center is committed to ensuring all persons served have the best opportunities possible to discover their skills, abilities, and interest and to make possible, opportunities for people to obtain valuable social roles, gainful employment and community living within the least restrictive environment possible; and to make known in the community, that we support people with ABILITIES.

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